Transformers: The Ride 3D (Universal Studios Hollywood) Review


Transformers: The Ride 3D is a 3D dark ride located at Universal Studios Hollywood. There are clones of the ride at Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Florida. It opened May 24th, 2012. The ride lasts 4 minutes, 30 seconds. It is an amazing blend of phyiscal sets/effects and screens (where you face to watch scenes unfold). The vehicles move along a track, can rotate 360 degrees, and pivot like a simulator.



The entrance is basically a large sign tacked onto the soundstage the ride is in:




Unlike the entrance, as soon as you step in the amazing theming begins. The plot is that the military is enlisting you to fight the Decepticons (evil Transformers) with a Transformer called EVAC. The employees are all wearing military uniforms, which adds the immersiveness.

DISCLAIMER: These pictures were taken with no wait, so the line will usually not be this empty.

The line first takes you through rooms with screens explaining the situation:IMG_4174.JPG

You then walk through a room with the “AllSpark”, a source of power for Transformers.


You then walk through more rooms with Transformer parts and screens explaining your mission:



After you walk through some corridors with a frantic guy yelling that you’re being sent on a suicide mission:


You finally head down some ramps with TVs saying how to put on your “battle glasses”, receive your glasses, and head into the station to board EVAC:



Once boarded your vehicle sets off. EVAC tells you to put on your battle glasses, and to watch out for trouble because you’re his navigator. You hear alarms about a security breach, then spin around and face the first screen, which shows Ravage stealing the AllSpark. He jumps on your vehicle before running away. You spin around and face the and see Bumblebee fighting Sideways for the AllSpark. He rips the AllSpark away, then tosses it to you. EVAC catches it. You move to another screen where Optimus Prime tells you to run. You seem to rapidly accelerate, with wind blowing in your face. OP is attacked by Megatron, and you are attacked by Grindor as a train hits him away. Megatron then grabs you, hitting a water pipe which sprays mist. You escape, but hit a dead end and reverse into a different screen, where Megatron fires a missile in slow motion at you. It hits, and there’s a fake explosion with steam and heat in your face. You find an escape route, but you are sucked out into the city by Devastator. Ratchet and Ironhide cover you while you escape the suction. Here Sideswipe helps fight Bonecrusher. Devastator returns, and you escape by going through him. Starscream then grabs you and carries you through the city before hitting a construction site and smashing into some drums, which spray mist. Optimus Prime and Megatron are seen as you reverse away to protect the AllSpark. Starscream returns but is chased off by helicopters. You encounter Megatron again, when EVAC forces the AllSpark into Megatron’s chest causing you to freefall to the ground when Megatron grabs you. Bumblebee catches you, then you face a final screen where Optimus Prime congratulates you for your bravery, as you “saved the city”. You finally go through a room with Megatron’s smashed body in the ceiling.

Here is a link to a 4K POV of the ride on the Zombieface Coasters channel. Watch it here.


Right off the bat, this is a fantastic ride. The theming is very immersive and you really feel as if you’re in a military base. The 3D and scenes are also very high quality, and the blending of set and screen is amazing. And speaking of the sets, they are very well done and really make the ride. It’s action packed and very rerideable. There’s not much else to say, this ride is simply awesome. As a result, it earns the Zombieface Coasters Seal of Approval!



What are your thoughts on this ride? Did you like or dislike it? Let me know the comments!


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